An innovative, glamorous and highly fashionable jeans label, founded by MAC Jeans. 

The DAYDREAM collections take a modern outlook on the future.
DAYDREAM achieves the perfect mix of function and sexiness. The focus is on modernity, innovation and attitude. Contemporary looks that create the balance between comfort, glamour and everyday elegance are the key statements. The overriding Theme is sustainability, which are used almost exclusively. 


More glamorous, louder, a new self-image for one's own body. The focus is on styling, attitude and contours. Functionality with comfort, the new body awareness and the notion of day to night were driving ideas for the collection. The combination of processing techniques from tailoring and the technical materials in a new, strong modernity.


Under the premium line DAYDREAM, MAC has been presenting exclusive trousers in top fashionable designs and high-quality materials. With their cool, innovative look as well as sophisticated details, the chic styles impress not only fashionably informed and ambitious customers of all age groups.